Election Judge Training


If you have not already done so, file an application with Madeleine at the BCDP Headquarters. The requirements for being an Election Judge are on the application.

There are three ways to take the class in the next three weeks.

1. Online from your home or other computer
A. You must have a separate email address for each individual judge
B. Email Madeleine ( with your email address. Put Election Judge Training in the subject line. Madeleine will send you an email with the instructions.

2. Online at the BCDP Headquarters
A. You will need an email address, but we can assign you one if necessary
B. Call the office to reserve a time on one of our computers. We are available 10:00AM to 6:00PM M-F. Evening hours may be available where necessary. Call Madeleine.
C. There will be someone here to help you if necessary.

3. In a class at the BCDP Headquarters
A. This will be by DVD on the Party TV with the test being given at the end.
B. The class schedule is as follows:
Mon. 9/24 9:30am
Fri. 9/28 1:00pm
Wed. 10/3 1:00pm
Wed. 10/3 7:00pm
Sun. 10/7 1:00pm
C. Call Madeleine (785-0962) to reserve a place in each class.
D. If you absolutely cannot attend any of these classes and absolutely cannot do the online class, call Madeleine and we will work something out.

All training needs to be completed ASAP, so please don’t put this off.

Here is a list of the current polling place vacancies that need filling.

Questions and information: Madeleine – 210-785-0962/210-884-3766
BCDP Headquarters, 3010 N St. Mary’s St between Hwy 281 and East Woodlawn

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